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Hello from Ayres Haynes Architects

I hope you’re all enjoying the Summer weather. Here’s a quick update on a couple of our recently completed projects which we started a few months back.

These two examples showcase how different properties can be transformed from fairly standard original designs using tradition building materials and methods, into two unique homes, by deploying some innovative and creative planning into the overall design. This was achieved in both cases by adding improvements to natural lighting and using complementary building materials.

Pine Ridge (above)

The Brief

At Pine Ridge, we were commissioned by the contractor Templer Construction to draw up the detailed design package. This design included the integration of an Oak Timber frame.

Because this was our first oak frame project, understanding how oak-framed extensions integrate with brick-built construction was hugely beneficial to us. We enjoyed gaining knowledge and experience about the technical requirements needed and seeing a timber frame become an integral part of the design of the original construction.

As we are involved in a lot of domestic extensions and each one has a unique element to the design.  In the case of Pine Ridge, the integration of the oak frame with full height glazing was key to delivering on the required aesthetic.

The Result

The look and feel of this property have been transformed as a result of added natural light.  This transformation into an airy living space which now receives all year round sun and light penetration brings the outside elements closer and an improvement to the overall ambiance of this building.

Designing with Oak

We now welcome your enquiry to design your oak framed project. Your idea which incorporates oak as a building or extension has great potential to create a large impressive internal volume that allows natural light penetration, combined with the warm textural aesthetic of a timber frame.

2a Belgrave Lane (above) was the black-clad project

The Brief

We worked closely with the client and planning consultant to design a part refurbishment, part new build dwelling on an enclosed city-centre site.


Because of the introduction of a lightwell, it enabled us to significantly increase the number of bedrooms. This also created a fantastic living space with an external garden area on the first floor, interconnecting the kitchen and living space.

The lightwell has been transformational and this natural light source making this upgraded dwelling unique. Our client is delighted with our input resulting in a greatly improved living environment with minimal disruption.

Our client empowered us on this project with the freedom to design the internal layout based upon his schedule of accommodation. By freeing-up the design possibilities we were able to do what we do best which is adding huge value, deploying innovative thinking and creativity. Needless to say, our client is very pleased with the near-completed scheme and we look forward to visiting the project soon when it is fully complete.

Your Project Realised

Do you have any thoughts about an extension or refurbishment? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

We can help you further by exploring your idea – we are lead by you and have helped many clients realise their building projects.

You can reach us by calling or filling out the contact page on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you

Warm Regards